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Meet the Press and 60 Minutes have long shed light on the biggest news stories of the day. Meet the Press, having been around since 1947, is TV’s longest running series. Meet the Press tackles the big issues with some exposition on the events before going to a round table with each guest having something different but important to contribute. I like this format, you get to see some honest differing of opinions, without each guest losing it and getting into a shouting match, like some other talk formats. 

60 Minutes takes a more entertaining approach, with a clear and concise story for each segment. These stories, like this one and the recent story about Americas’s rigged stock market, follow a path that explores the story or person of interest, the rise/fall of that subject, and the climax. Most of the segments I have watched have a happy ending for the subject matter and make for good TV. 

The means and methods of delivering political news have vastly changed from President Roosevelt’s Fireside Chats on the radio. Meet the Press, while interviewing Governor Nixon, seemed aggressive in the manner of their questioning (and with good reason.) Sometimes it feels like the news media, for all of the good AND bad they have done, are the only ones that give us answers.  



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