Ad Mania

TV and Radio Commercials aren’t made like they were in the good ole days…and that’s a good thing. The message and methods used were kind of…super sexist and sometimes racist. It’s a good thing today things have changed for the better! Oh wait, no, they really haven’t. It seems the uptight sexual attitudes of the first half of the century (thanks a lot, Puritans!) were lost to time in exchange for treating women like people that could do more than cook, clean, and pick out the right goddamn coffee. So, women go from disrespected sex objects to objects? Is that a win? It’s half credit, just take it!

It’s kind of jarring (but hilarious) to hear a plug for Petri wine during a radio drama about Sherlock Holmes. This tactic has thankfully been phased out over the years because it kind of takes you out of the fantasy or mood. They even did it on TV! I Love Lucy stars Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz both shilled cigarettes during the show! Arnaz died of lung cancer years later, irony, you are a cruel bitch.

In Erik Barnouw’s book, Tube of Plenty, Radio and TV commercials, even at their conception, have been thought of as “aggressive” and “shoddy”. It’s kind of comforting to know that there have always been terrible commercials and programs for products that don’t work. Or maybe it’s depressing that we’ve made so little progress…whatever, i’m going to watch Netflix. 


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When not fighting crime due to getting distracted by a Simpsons "quote war", I like to read, play video games, pretend to workout, and wait around for my acceptance letter to Hogwarts (or Durmstrang, I'm not picky.)

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