O Captain! My Captain!

Robin Williams was just a man…when he wasn’t a genie, a cross dressing nanny, or a multitude of other characters. Williams was a hilarious maniac, able to turn on a dime and shoot off into a different yet related subject. His comedy and heart not only touched me, but millions of others who grew up and laughed with and at him. 

Williams improvisational techniques are astounding; he genuinely sounds like Jack Nicholson or an irate Scotsman at times. This and his genius comedy skills are what launched his movie career. However, Williams not only stuck to comedy, he could also make you cry as easily as laugh. 

His roles in Dead Poets Society, Goodwill Hunting, and even Memento were proof that Williams knew how to play drama as well as he could humor. Many of these roles were imprinted on impressionable young adult minds that had grown up with Genie and Mrs. Doubtfire. 

Williams wasn’t just a humble humanitarian who donated large sums without much fanfare, he was an avid nerd who had a deep love of video games. He loved the Legend of Zelda series so much that he even named his daughter after her, and was always happy to tell nonplussed gamers that he had often played World of Warcraft and Call of Duty with them, without their knowledge. 

Robin Williams wasn’t just a great comedian and actor; he was a cultural icon and all around great human being. He made us laugh and cry, he championed noble causes in reality and was just as eager to step into virtual reality and play around with fans. Robin Williams is gone and the world keeps spinning but it’s hard to deny that it’s gotten a tad less funny. 


About sabonis1986

When not fighting crime due to getting distracted by a Simpsons "quote war", I like to read, play video games, pretend to workout, and wait around for my acceptance letter to Hogwarts (or Durmstrang, I'm not picky.)

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