Nintendo E3 2014


Holy sweet baby Jesus, Nintendo needed a win and they finally got one! NEW ZELDA FOOTAGE! PLAYING AS YOUR MII IN SUPER SMASH! ACTION FIGURES! YOSHI…made of…wool! YEAH! WOOL! Oh, and a make your own Mario game!? Did they just hand us a reason to never buy a 2D Mario game again!?

Come on, we all know we’re here for Zelda and they Goddamn delivered. It’s gorgeous and HD. It looks like a painting. It’s open world.

Yeah, I said it. OPEN WORLD! I don’t think you nerds fully understand what that means, it means embracing what made the original so special, going where you want with what you have at your disposal. Nintendo used this formula last year with A Link Between Worlds, and it was amazing. Just imagine that in a beautifully rendered 3D setting. I can only fathom and I start to lose it.

I was up at 10:30 waiting for the show, eating my bullshit healthy toast that tastes like cardboard, unless you put peanut butter and berries on it to make it taste like cardboard with peanut butter and berries on it, because I care about being a healthy grown-ass man. When the show started though, I didn’t feel like a man that needs to grow up, I felt like the kid I used to be that never thought he would.

I love Nintendo for that feeling alone, and always will.


About sabonis1986

When not fighting crime due to getting distracted by a Simpsons "quote war", I like to read, play video games, pretend to workout, and wait around for my acceptance letter to Hogwarts (or Durmstrang, I'm not picky.)

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